by jay @, Friday, April 09, 2021, 21:39 (33 days ago) @ Ironwood

Did Trump repeal the ACA? No. Have the Republicans come up with anything.....anything....in the way of a new healthcare plan?

The reason Republicans couldn't come up with a replacement was that Obamacare WAS the conservative answer to health-care reform, the market-based plan written and embraced by Republicans everywhere until the nanosecond Obama chose it for his own plan. Then they hated it. They just had to be the anti-Obama. They couldn't move to the right on a new plan without going back to the good old days of deregulation and screwing their own constituents; and they would rather chew out their kidneys than move to the left, toward single-payer. They had been out-flanked, badly. Now, after flopping around like a beached carp for several years, they fervently hope their dimwitted base forgets the whole repeal-and-replace thing.

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