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Excerpt from Z Rob's Post--->

..." They will never reach the goal of around 19,000 in 3 days at this rate. Not even close. Those who went super early simply waited longer. I believe it wasn't until around 1:00 that shots actually began being administered."....

My question is simple, IF You know the answer?

Even if some people showed up late a.m.,
Does/did everyone who showed up to get the shot get injected?
Or do they just close and "shut the door" after a certain time of day, and some ended up wasting their time? (they don't get injected)
Thank You.

The last people were vaccinated at 11:00 PM. So much for the 11:00 to 18:00 horas schedule.


I arrived around 9:15 a.m. The "serpentine" line wound up past the entrance to el H. Ayuntamiento, a little less than ½ way to la Bodega Aurrera. It advanced ahead every few minutes. Finally around 2 p.m. or so, I got to the entry way. There were several ladies working to check & put the required papers in the correct order, and a "ficha" (the 1st of two). was given.
OJO - Rob, that she did NOT compare the CFE bill address to the address on my RESIDENTE PERMANENTE card (besides that, it has NO address on it to compare).
To make a long story shorter, I was injected at 4:35 p.m., no pain, no problem.
You will be given a short sheet size document called COMPROBANTE DE VACUNACIÓN CONTRA EL VIRUS SARS-COV2,
which shows your FOLIO DE REGISTRO MIVACUNA, and indicates that it was Dosis PRIMERA.

Aside from being a long hot day, all went well.
I don't think that they were particularly disorganized, it's just that there were many folks there.
Though, yes, there probably is a more efficient way to do the job.

From what I observed taking into account the #s on the "fichas" that were given out hoy Sábado, they vaccinated around 1,500+ "adultos mayores" at the Unidad Deportiva vaccination site, between the hours of approximately 9 to 5 p.m..
That translates into an approximate average of around 187 people injected per hour.
When I left around 5 p.m. there were still maybe around 100 or so people waiting for their shot. No idea of what time they finally finished vaccinating the last person.

Folks who went to El Coacoyúl spent much less time, from what I heard and even a lady I spoke with who went there.

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