voter id requirements in Mexico ?

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, April 12, 2021, 14:37 (30 days ago) @ nicatnit

The opinions of 70 million people are not worthless. Maybe to you they are since you believe differing opinions don’t matter.
States control elections not the Feds. Thank God for that. HR1 is going nowhere.

You want to thank a non-existent deity for the continued intentional obstructionism and lack of attention to the nation's problems by Republicans. If you believed in the Christian version of that deity then you must be suffering some horrendous cognitive dissonance, or else you've simply accepted your hypocrisy. Cult45 followers aren't offering differing opinions, they offer spoonfed HATE, DIVISION, RACISM AND LIES. I have no problem with actual Republicans, but I haven't hardly seen one since before Reagan, except the ones who keep fleeing the Retrumplican party that's become nothing but a Party of Hate, Lies, Voter Suppression, Racism, Vindictive Vengeance, and INSURRECTION. The GQP is on a death spiral. And you still want to be their cheerleader?

Yeah, gotta love the "opinions" of RACIST INSURRECTIONISTS. And if you aren't then I hate to tell you but you're following the wrong party.

So you DON'T want to see fair voting but are instead all for voter suppression. I'm glad you keep putting all this out there. The more you write about your political views, the less respect you deserve for those misguided anti-democratic "un-American" beliefs.

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