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What's your & Z Board users take on those floor tile stones?[/b]

At the moment, they appear to give a more spacious & a somewhat brighter :brilliant: appearance, as compared to the previous flooring.
That said, once they get walked on and soiled, IF they are not routinely washed (besides rain water), as WASN'T the previous flooring, it probably won't take too long until they turn dark, and the beauty will be lost.

They didn't maintain the previous walkway. All the plants died immediately in the first section they "remodeled" and there is a huge socavón in the now empty garden area by the canal on the east side of the footbridge from the museum. This is what they do. They spend a gazillion, pocket a heapin helpin, and then let it deteriorate for 3 to 6 years and repeat the cycle. It's a huge waste of resources. Meanwhile, we want a hospital. We want a police force and public security. We want publicity that attracts tourists WITH MONEY TO SPEND. And we want to save Playa Manzanillo and make it an Área Natural Protegida.

But folks will play the politicians' game and fawn all over the "remodeled" walkway like all the good little sycophants and agachados do every 3 to 6 years. Me, I'll remain with exactly the same attitude as I had 30 years ago when I told the current mayor's grandfather back when he was mayor: "están poniendo maquillaje a un paciente muriendo de cáncer."


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