La Dizque ModernizaZIHón

by Leemr @, Saturday, April 17, 2021, 23:00 (26 days ago) @ sue in mexico mo

Still don't see the big picture? No more rustic old pueblo or fishing village. Compete with other bigshot wanna-be and modernize Zihua. They think that will draw more tourism. But I, as well as many friends who like Zihua, like it exactly BECAUSE it isn't like the other tourist lures. Almost makes me want to look elsewhere and relocate!!!!!! What a shitty deal. The city citizens have NO voice in matters which concern them and which they help pay for. Why not invest more on maintenance. I see the locked up basketball cancha behind Lopez Impresoras is well on its way to rusting, while at the same time the city is building ( and locking up) another new one in Col. Dario Galeana where I live. It really is something that the bigshot can't be held accountable to the public he's suppose to serve and represent !!!!!! JEEZZZ

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