Zihuatanejo and Mérida

by EstebanZI, Saturday, May 29, 2021, 00:47 (61 days ago) @ Rosedani

Humberto thanks for your reply. I wouldn't expect anything near the beach, maybe something that's a twenty or thirty minute walk away. As long as it's a safe neighboor internet. rhood.

It is possible here in Zihuatanejo provided your expectations aren't too high. Your apartment is not likely to be near the beach or have a view but you can find something pretty decent in many of the neighborhoods where locals live. You will just have to wander around and find signs that advertise rooms and call. It will take some work but you can find something in your budget.

I just messaged with my former landlady of 8years in ZI and she has raised the rent on my simple 2 room apartmemt from 3500 p to 6000 p a month not including utilities. I checked with another property that is no longer renting monthly and has gone to Airbnb. Both properties in neighborhoods a 10-15 minute walk from El Centro. $200 US a month is not likely for you in ZI. And areas where you might find that price will be in the hills with lovely views…and rough housing. Things continue to increase in price overall in ZI. Businesses have taken heavy hits during COVID19 as it ramped up in April 2020. Buena Suerte. Merida will likely be pricier.

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