PareZIHdo al Paraíso

by mindpilot @, la Playa Buenavista, Friday, June 18, 2021, 09:53 (838 days ago) @ Robbob

Thank you for your response.

We normally go to Zihua in March...and I cannot recall mosquitos ever being much of a problem then. This will be the first time we have visited in November. I do not have any major problems with mosquitos, but my wife attracts them...probably because she is much sweeter than I. ;-)

We will be appropriately armed with repellants.

Here is an article on the subject.

A couple of particularly interesting tidbits,

The researchers found that people who had consumed beer were more attractive to mosquitoes than people who had not.

Research has shown that mosquitoes are attracted to the color black, but little is known about why. Regardless, if you’re wearing black or other dark colors, you may be more attractive to mosquitoes.

I've also read that mosquitos avoid people with faster metabolisms and don't like type O blood. So if you are A+, overweight, wearing black and pounding Coronas, I want to avoid you.

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