USA car in Mexico

by Talley Ho @, Playa la Ropa, Saturday, June 19, 2021, 09:00 (825 days ago) @ Padrino

Although we are US citizens, when we return to the US we are considered tourists because we do not have a US residence or even address.

We were in California for almost three months, legally, because we were tourists who had returned to get rid of all of their stuff, had already cancelled our drivers licenses, owned no "real" property and had cancelled our voter registration.

As Mexicoman states, every countries laws are different.

Supposedly, according to some RV websites, Canadians cannot legally drive a non Canadian vehicle into or in Canada. We know Mexico permanent residents that drive their Guerrero plated vehicle to Canada for a month or two every summer. Legal? No, but they have not been caught, at least yet.

There is a 10 year TIP available in Mexico, but the vehicle registration must say RV on it. Then no deposit is charged. The legality of driving it with permanent residency status is unclear. We got two different legal opinions on it, and one said it was legal because the TIP was obtained before the permanent residency status was granted, and the other said that as soon as the residency status was granted the TIP was invalid.

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