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Don't get me wrong, I also love dogs and have no problem with residents and there family pets or long term visitors who bring them along. Just the 1-2 week tourists who think they'll suffer from pet separation anxiety if they can't bring Fighto on vacation. I've never heard of anyone poo poo a vacation destination based on pet policy. But then again I don't have an agenda that would require fabricating numbers to the affect.

Maybe your concern should be dealing with large numbers of free roaming dogs in Zihua. We personally witnessed a stray dog walk up to the stage in the Barracuda bar, lift it's leg and take a piss on it. Ever wonder how many visitors don't return because of all stray/wild dogs that roam the beach, neighborhoods and the local restaurants.


You made some good points.

Though, I can understand that IF people didn't find an agreeable "pet policy" at a vacation destination that they are considering visiting accompanied with their animal, they would not go there.
I haven't heard any statistics on how many people DON'T visit Z, or any other area for that matter, due to the fact that there are "stray/wild dogs that roam the beach, neighborhoods and the local restaurants."

And don't forget about the uncontrolled, repetitive, constant sustained noise contamination nuissance, which consists of endless barking that goes on in most of the colonias, as well as in some "nicer" areas where people are paying good money.
I have around ten dogs (at least the auditory portion of them) living in my habitación, that their disrespectful, inconsiderate, selfish & irresponsible owners think I enjoy having and listening to at all hours of the day, night, and early a.m.
Yeah, right, exactly what I need for my peace & quiet.
Move to get away from that noise pollution?
Just about all houses have dogs, so it's virtually impossible to escape that noise pollution, other than to try and figure out where there may less of it, which is impossible to do.

The cat/dog topic is always controversial with loads of bickering about the many issues related to it.

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