Sotavento updates

by Angelica Polanco, Friday, September 17, 2021, 10:15 (808 days ago) @ Timmac

No one on our team ever anticipated a global pandemic and the devastating impact it would have on the progress of Sotavento.
This unprecedented situation caused construction financing challenges and Villa sales to be drastically impeded by travel restrictions. But despite all this, we have been able to retain ownership of the property and actually complete an immense amount of work.
First we commissioned a detailed engineering review of the two existing buildings to assess the feasibility of upgrades to current seismic standards. We determined that the north tower needed to be demolished as it could not be properly upgraded.
Additional work we completed includes:

  • Extensive site stabilization
  • Replacement and upgrading of Infrastructure and services
  • Seismic upgrades to the south tower
  • Weatherproofing the south tower
  • Construction of the beach club and sales offices
  • Construction of the south tower circulation and core areas

As we are emerging from this situation, I assure you that we are working relentlessly to implement every conceivable strategy to advance the project and expedite completion. It is our hope that everyone will be patient, will put the past behind us, support the work we are doing, and have confidence in our ability to achieve success.

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