Sotavento updates

by daveJ, Friday, September 24, 2021, 13:19 (740 days ago) @ Timmac

I bought a unit in 2008 and have lived through the all the setbacks but at this time I wouldn’t sell my unit (I know, no one would buy but if I could sell, I wouldn’t). I knew the risk, similar unit in Hawaii cost three times as much and I couldn’t afford that. I also want to be on the beach, not three streets away, so at the time it seemed like a good deal. Over the years the people who bought in early found each other, many who follow this site, and we all agreed to hang in there. There were many opportunities when even one of us could have forced the project into bankruptcy, but the project’s location caused all of us to conclude it would someday be completed. I was there in 2019, when the north tower was demolished, an indication that new money flowed into the Sotavento, and hopped to move in around late 2020. Alas, Covid struck, again delaying everything. I’m now hope to enjoy Christmas 2022 in my unit. I also hope my unit will earn enough revenue when I’m not there to cover the condo fees and pay for all my sunset margaritas at Patty’s. Would I buy into this project today? Depends if you want to be on the beach or three streets away.

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