Applying for residency-I'm nervous.

by Zihuateco @, Thursday, October 21, 2021, 16:57 (521 days ago) @ mexicoman

The Consulate in Los Angeles is giving me the big run around.

My Mother was born in Torreon, Coahuilla. I have her original Certificado de Actas del Registro Civil del Estado de Coahuilla and her CURP. My Mother passed some 30 years ago.

My initial visit to the Consulate was good news/bad news. I qualify for Citizenship, but the issue is that the Acta list her name as Socorro Carmen Luna, and all my documents, birth, baptism, etc. list her as Socorro Luna Chavez, and based on that, they state that they cannot submit my Application.

I was in Z 3xs this past 11 months and everyone I spoke with agrees that the LA Consulate should submit my application as the Mexican Gov will accept it as is as I have proof of being Mexican.

During my last visit to the LA Consulate a couple of months ago I did everything legally possible to persuade them to just send my Application to see what happens. They stated that due to the technicality, they are forbidden from sending my Application, but in theory, I am Mexican. I told them that is BS in an apparently loud voice which resulted in them asking me to leave with the services of two armed guards.

My Prima in Torreon is working with a Lawyer in Torreon for a resolution. More to come.

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