Dual SIM Card

by victorio, Saturday, November 27, 2021, 16:37 (485 days ago) @ Fuceneh

Just wondering if anyone has been successful adding a Mexican SIM card (or esim) to their phone and using a Mexican phone plan alongside their regular carrier?If so, which cell company was used?

I have not used the dual SIM phone thing, but I use a Mexican phone plan even when I am in Canada. I gave up on the very expensive Canadian phone plan. I use a smart phone with a SIM I got from Telcel with a Mexican phone number.
For 200 pesos for 30 days I get unlimited calling anywhere in Mexico, the USA and Canada. There is also a data plan with this. If you use data a lot, can get more data time by paying more. I have never run out of data though. You can set up an auto withdrawal plan with Telcel, so you don't have to be in Mexico to renew. The phone works well in Canada, although people that call you from a non-Telcel plan have to pay long distance fees. I have people in Canada call me and hang up after two or three rings. Then I call back. Some businesses though don't like calling long distance so I give them my email address to contact me.
This should work with your dual SIM phone.

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