Getting and Paying a Parking Ticket

by Ironwood @, Sunday, November 28, 2021, 15:01 (430 days ago) @ Little Guy

I’m glad you asked about the yellow curbs.

I assumed they meant “no parking”, and that unpainted curbs meant parking was permitted. i.e., in the absence of a law prohibiting something (like parking), the behaviour is permitted.

Then I saw so many places with yellow curbs and people parking, that I thought it was the reverse. I had difficulty with that idea, and decoupled the belief that people just risked getting parking tickets.

Then I went back to my original assumption.

Now I’m wondering if the yellow paint just means, “Hey! Pay attention! There’s a curb here!” :)

The newly-paved/concreted road leading down to Paty's restaurant on La Ropa has bright yellow painted curbs along both sides, for the entire distance. Parked cars line the entire street by noon every day. Trying to make sense of Mexican traffic regulations? Good luck.

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