Getting and Paying a Parking Ticket

by Roberto!, Tuesday, November 30, 2021, 18:25 (669 days ago) @ Little Guy

When we drove to Zihua from Vancouver a number of years ago, I had heard about the police removing one’s license plates if parked illegally. I decided to combat the license removal issue by purchasing a license plate holder that included some odd-ball type of screws and special key to prevent easy removal of a license plate.

Then in Zihua I was startled to watch a policeman remove someone’s license plate with a hammer and crowbar taking a huge portion of the bumper covering with it. It didn’t take me long to replace the fancy screws I’d installed with just two undersized screws that were easily removable.

One thing I did do (which I never utilized) was to photograph my rear license plate bearing the tag, bugs and all, and then having the photograph enlarged and cut down to a size to fit the spare license plate holder I carried. It looked like a metal plate and unless one removed the frame and the plastic protective cover, it was difficult to differentiate from the real thing.


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