Road conditions from Nogales to Z

by Ironwood @, Monday, January 10, 2022, 22:36 (619 days ago) @ Padrino
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for the most part, the toll roads are just OK, with the odd stretch actually coming close to justifying the outrageous tolls.....we spent a total of 5671 pesos on tolls, ($284 US, $355 Can).

Ouch! Are you serious? That's expensive! I have never driven but I have been thinking about a Mexican road trip from Tijuana down to Zihua. says that the tolls would be approximately $2,215+ pesos. Flying is cheaper! And safer, of course. I think I'll stick to flying.

2215 pesos? I'd trust my daily records. Flying is 'WAY cheaper! Gasoline prices in Mexico are the same as Canadian prices....significantly higher than in the US.....and we were driving from British Columbia, so add motel prices averaging $100 - $150 Can/night. Throw in the approx. $75 for a Temporary Import Permit, $50 (?) each for tourist cards, (included at no extra charge with your airline ticket) and the $200 - $600 (ours was $400) deposit to ensure your vehicle will eventually leave Mexico.
Oh, and the $500+ I'll be laying out tomorrow to replace my cracked windshield, thanks to a semi in front of us on I-84 in Oregon.

(I forgot to add the ballpark $450 Can I paid for a 6 month car insurance policy, required since our Canadian insurance is not valid in Mexico and I suspect your US insurance isn't either.)

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