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That beautiful "blonde", as in RICKENBACKER bass guitar, in the thumbnail of the Soda Stereo video lead on this post, was quite attractive and she did catch me eye:-D
I continued on to listen (although I'm not a fan of that band) to hear more of the Rickenbacker bass, being among my favorites.
But, nope, I didn't detect their classic characteristic bass tone & sound as I had hoped for.
I'll have to go back to a video by YES for that I suppose.

What is the 'classic characteristic bass tone & sound' of the Ricky bass?
It sure was thumping my little Bose bluetooth speaker (which seems to be designed to forefront bass in any music that's thrown at it).
Of course I dream of a Ricky 12



Some examples to hear the classic Rick bass tone & sound may be Roger Glover on Deep Purple's "MACHINE HEAD" Lp, (though the cover shows a Fender bass head), he was seen to play one live. Also Chris Squire on Roundabout, with YES.
I think Sir Paul used one on some tracks with Wings.
I also have small Bluetooth speakers (Logitech Wonderboom 2), and I didn't have the response you did with your Bose.

What bass players use a Rickenbacker?
Professor Google replied:
Notable Ricky bass users include Paul McCartney, Roger Glover of Deep Purple, Bruce Foxton of The Jam, Bernie Calvert of The Hollies, Jesse Keeler of Death From Above 1979, John Entwistle of The Who, Elliott Smith, Chris Squire of Yes, Paul Duffy of The Coral and of course – Lemmy

and, re: "Of course I dream of a Ricky 12 "
Don't dream or miss out, I would suggest that you buy one, even IF you had to pay over time.
At our ages, our time is limited, treat yourself to the fun & enjoyment that instrument would give you.


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