Local news (increase in security presence)

by mosesk @, Ojai, CA, USA, Saturday, May 28, 2022, 13:11 (553 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

You both have excellent points.

We agree that it is better here than there, but here needs improvement too. Maybe we can help steer things in the proper direction.

Assume I know nothing. Explain to me the how and why of this recent violence.

You're asking someone to publish here details which have not been made known to the general public, details that get reporters, activists and bloggers killed. I don't recommend it and I don't seek to be more of a target than I already am for speaking out against the things I do. It's one thing to speak in generalities, another to reveal details. You'll notice almost none of our local papers mention any shootings, and when they do, there are no details or follow-up stories. I'm still awaiting a report on the remains found last month in the yard of one of my neighbors. Nothing has been printed and reporters here instinctively seem not to pursue such matters.

Hardly any local family remains untouched by the violence and lawlessness in Guerrero. Some families have lost several members or suffered multiple extortions or kidnappings. Many of us do not answer phone calls from unknown numbers.

You already know we have no professional police force, a dysfunctional judicial system, we are neighbors to the biggest consumer of stupidly banned recreational substances whose black market for those substances is dominated by violent organized criminals who fight among each other for control of that market as well as other benefits of being the dominant criminal gang in any region, town or city. The violence generated by these criminal gangs as they all seek to profit from the multi-billion dollar a year black market trade ruins and destroys many lives and communities here and elsewhere. Zihuatanejo is no exception. Ours is a perfectly situated port for supplying passing narco-vessels with fuel to make their journey northward, and we are also a key transit point for various substances produced and trafficked through our region.

Following comments in social media on news articles about things like shootings, extortions and kidnappings often offers more insight than the actual news articles. Often the criminals themselves comment quite brazenly, but no one wants to spread their comments for fear of retribution.

I am beginning to get duly informed. Luckily I still tend to hang out in yoga studios and bicycle shops

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