Canadian Approach to Substance Issues

by Little Guy @, Saturday, May 28, 2022, 14:48 (553 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

For decades, Canada was tied to the US War on Drugs. (As an aside, why do so many things have to be “war”?) Canadians have suffered similarly from that approach.

In recent years. Canada has taken a different approach to these issues than the USA or Mexico.

There is a growing agreement in Canada that problematic substance use is a health issue that can be prevented, managed, and treated, and that requires a health focussed response.

In December 2016, the Government of Canada announced that it was replacing the former National Anti-Drug Strategy with the Canadian Drugs and Substances Strategy (CDSS). The strategy, now led by the Minister of Health, is delivered in collaboration with fourteen other federal departments and agencies, and includes four pillars - prevention, treatment, harm reduction and enforcement - which are supported by a strong evidence base.

Imagine that. Public policies that are supportive of the citizenry and have a strong evidence base, rather than policies that punish victims and are based on outrage and political posturing.

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