Cost of electricity

by Ironwood @, Tuesday, June 21, 2022, 14:52 (342 days ago) @ Yandosan

Get a big fan. 50 dollars rather than 50 dollars per day.

Interesting lengthy article in The Globe and Mail a few days ago about last June's "heat dome" in British Columbia, that drove temperatures here in our Okanagan city to 48C, (118F). Amidst lots of fascinating research was a bit about using fans.
Normal skin temperature is said to average around 35C. Tests have reportedly shown that using a fan to circulate air inside a room where the temperature is above skin temperature is counter-productive. It makes an individual FEEL cooler, but in fact is having the opposite effect.
Same for using "cooling centres" - like public buildings/arenas, etc. - for temporary relief: participants will FEEL better, at least temporarily, but repeated coolings and heating appear to be more harmful than simply remaining in the heat. The bottom-line advice appears to be: get outside, sit on the grass under a good shade tree, and drink lots of water.

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