Aduana disservice at the airport.

by Craig AKA the cruise ship guy @, Sunday, July 17, 2022, 14:47 (434 days ago) @ midalake

What a great way to encourage tourism. By far the worst airport I have ever gone through. Every trip they search our stuff. Sometimes just because I bring a small soft side cooler which has our swimsuits in it. We just use it for drinks while fishing, no beef, they always ask. Wife was really pissed last time because everything was a mess after spending so much time packing it. We do bring things for friends and used to bring a ton of school supplies and reading glasses to Lupita. They did always accept my receipts, I always said they were for Iglesia de Zihuatanejo and told them buen precio. I never raise my voice or get confrontational. If 5 planes come in at once I could see it taking most of a day to get through. Why the hell send every bag through an X-ray machine if you’re going to hand search it anyways. I just about gave up on Zihua a few years ago because the airport is so bad. I already have a couple of flights booked but maybe I’ll try Volaris to Guadalajara or Mexico and avoid this crap.

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