Aduana disservice at the airport.

by Pacific Princess, West, Wednesday, July 20, 2022, 17:16 (431 days ago) @ midalake

Been coming here for 30 years and what I witnessed at the airport on Saturday was a disgrace, and everyone at Aduana should be fired and replaced.

Never I have seen such a disgusting scene where almost every person on our plane got their stuff torn apart and fines were given for even the smallest items.

As I sat there watching for an hour at least 10 different parties received the green light only to be pulled over and everything looked through. By the time we went through there was still half the plane left to go through this horrible process.

Forget receipts and arguing [as we found out] They will look your product up on line and charge you that amount.

We are cancelling our tickets for Zih in January here and going through Mexico City.

I urge anyone else that does not want to be subject to the same BS, reroute your flight.

Also been coming to Zihuatanejo for 30 years. I eat gluten free for health reasons and bring with me lots (I mean lots) of GF spices, food items, new small appliances, house hold type stuff, gluten free bread, vitamins and supplement’s galore, enough for 180 days. No meat items. I get green light mostly (lucky me), but either way when it happens, and I get bags and totes searched, I repack and get on my way, thanking the folks for doing a great job. But, it’s only happened a couple times. We’ve taken home many local art pieces and brought them back in our totes and never had a problem either. My suitcases and totes are packed, I’m ready for my return in November - Canada to Zihua!
Maybe more staff will be hired to accommodate the influx of CDN and US by November!
Flying home scares me more than flying to Z!

☀️ Princess

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