What The Law Says

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, September 02, 2022, 16:43 (385 days ago) @ Talley Ho

What time were you out there? Did you get a picture of him?

We were berated by a guy in May, a runner, who threatened, in English, us with the police, the sanitary police and immigration. He yelled at us both directions on his run.

Yeah, none of those people have jurisdiction to do anything to you. It's not a law, so you aren't breaking any laws. Nothing for the police or anyone to do. Sanitary police? Hilarious! There's no such thing. Immigration couldn't care less and they certainly have no jurisdiction to apply Blue Flag policies. See, it's this big bluff. Now, if you try walking off the beach with a big piece of coral or some live sea critter, then there are laws and punishments, but not for walking on the beach with your leashed pets taking care to clean up after them. They can't fine you. They can't arrest you. They can't deport you. And if anyone touches you call a lawyer. They'll pay you to drop the charges (because otherwise, they might end up in jail awaiting first just to be charged and later to be tried, people can spend years in jail with no charges, no trial). ;-)

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