A new video of, Reef-sand Blenny, Ekemblemaria myersi

by juanrojo @, Sunday, September 18, 2022, 12:22 (442 days ago)

This is a single species video of a tiny tube dwelling Blenny, Reef-sand Blenny, Ekemblemaria myersi shot over the past winter off of both ends of Playa La Ropa and out towards Las Gatas using Olympus TG series cameras. I am proud and happy to share it here, especially, with the local citizens to enjoy a view of Zihua that can be seen but only by looking very closely at these inch long fish.

An inch long fish in a very big sea.

We were TOTALLY shocked to witness the onset of the extended red tide in March and I was worried for my tiny friends as we worry for the people in storms and shakers.

As always I am grateful for Rob's continued support and his leadership in environmental protection efforts.

In truth I make the videos because I enjoy the process and re-living the time in nature completely. I hope any nature video prompts people to take better care of their environments and no more so than with our second homeplace, in Zihua.

I am also grateful for the simple favour of this site enabling me to include the searchable words, Reef-sand Blenny, Ekemblemaria myersi, Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico in text so that anyone seeking information on this or similar species can luck onto the information they seek. I am still very often that person seeking species specific information to match what I have been lucky enough to see in Zihua Bay.

There are many other Zihua videos on the linked channel and of course, right on this site, and some more detailed species information is linked to in the video's comment section. The video credits reflect another pseudonym, Ron Woheau. A Google IMAGE search using keywords, Ron Woheau, will reveal many Zihuatanejo fish photos to, 'eyeball', and possibly match that fish you saw out in the bay.


Please be happy always

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