From the "Teach an old dog new tricks" Department, Gracias!

by mexicoman @, Playa Del Carmen, Tuesday, September 20, 2022, 09:25 (376 days ago) @ Talley Ho

I guess we are bad people.

We have been here 5 years. We still haven't found the need to have a bank account here, and bank with Capital One in the US. They charge us nothing for our transactions.

We do our withdrawals from INBURSA, across the street from Los Braceros, with a charge of 17.4 pesos per up to 5,000 pesos each time, up to our US daily limit. There is never a line.

We did a very major construction project 20 months ago and just went to INBURSA every day for our 20,000 pesos. Easy Peasy. Minimal cost, no problems with exchange rates, got the high international rate each time.

We don't know yet, please educate us, why we should change.

We also did a lot of construction when we moved to Zihuatanejo withdrawing 5K daily for several weeks. As you noted we found Inbursa to have the low atm fee of 17.4 Pesos. We've had accounts at CI Banco for years but there was no branch in Zihua. We opened an account at Inbursa and our need for cash changed. Their debit card worked everywhere in town. If there was a need for a large amount like your 20K we just walked inside and withdrew it.

We've used wise.com for years. Once we became a familiar account/customer/whatever the transfer arrives in 30 minutes.

We just got drivers licenses in Playa Del Carmen. They took the debit card. Of course for groceries, gas etc. the card is a real convenience.

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