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by jaui @, Zihuatanejo, Sunday, September 25, 2022, 12:07 (371 days ago) @ mosesk


Talley Ho- the main thing I would say to you is to have a backup or alternative way to get funds.
The machine might eat your card, it may be out of pesos, or the network might be down.


For me this is a "no-brainer".
I have a Guardadito account at Banco Azteca, accompanied with a VISA DEBIT CARD
I stock it with 500 pesos or so, replenishing as needed.
I use if for local purchases, as well as an account or two on Auto-Pay, or pagos domiciliados, as they call them here.
1. They have great hours - 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
2. When I have a person that needs to pay me for "x", I just tell them to make the Deposit at Banco Azteca.
There are two of them conveniently located en Z Centro.
This has been extremely functional for me, and works great.
Of course for me it won't work as a backup or alternative card to get larger amounts of funds, as I only keep 500 pesos or so in it.
That said, someone could stock it with more funds, and it then could serve as a backup/alternative source to get ATM funds.

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