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by BL @, Friday, October 21, 2022, 10:50 (153 days ago) @ fotogirl

Buenas dias,

I'm looking for a physical therapist who has worked with athletes and can help me set up a strengthening program for my torn meniscus in my knee. I'm very motivated and am wondering also if there is a good gym facility in Zihuat? Thanks, Colette

Hello Colette,
I don't know that there is a facility for PT. However i can highly recommend a physical therapist that can come to you (he also has an office in Zihua. I worked with him last winter, and could not be happier with the work we did together.

Jesús: +52-222-664-7203

Please note his cell phone is NOT from Zihua, so no 755 in there.

Have a good recovery!

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