Thank God!

by Eric Bullard, Saturday, October 22, 2022, 11:17 (107 days ago)

YES! Truly, thank God! After two and a half years in Gringolandia, for the Corona Virus, in 13 days I will be flying back to "Mexico Linda," Chiapas, and, hopefully, our beloved Zihuatanejo! Call me a scardy-cat, or, whatever, I just felt safer here in Portland Oregon with the great health care system and full insurance! All that said, the road is clear now and I am MUY, muy emoccianado to catch the big bird, hit the skies, and cross that southern border! For a long, long time! To celebrate, REALLY CELEBRATE, I am, once again, giving away FREE, downloadable, digital, Kindle copies of my number-one, bestselling, Travel-Thriller, "ZIHUATANEJO a true story of exile, love, war, and murder south of the border." to get a free copy on amazon, follow the link below or just search the title on amazon then click the orange, "BUY NOW" for $ o.oo button, NOT the "READ FOR FREE" Button. That's about it for now, except, Rob, I think you owe me a beer! Or, maybe I owe you one! Oh, we'll figure it out when we see each other! Cheers, Salud, and, best to everyone! Eric

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