by Craig AKA the cruise ship guy @, Sunday, October 23, 2022, 06:02 (401 days ago)

Came in yesterday and was worried about going through customs after reading the recent posts. I have had trouble with them before especially when bringing in school supplies and last time they really went through every single thing in our luggage. It does appear that everyone is getting searched. The couple that was at the same table as us were very upset. For some reason the agent was fixated on a ziplock bag full of costume jewelry. The man even shouted keep it if it’s that big of deal. They were eventually released with their bag of jewelry. Now I’m thinking great as my wife has a ziplock full of silver jewelry that she has bought over the years in Mexico.

I spoke to my wife about the process before we left and asked her to remain relaxed, friendly and respectful as she was upset at the mess they made out of our luggage last time. I help them open up all of our bags and joked around with the toy dart pistols l brought for my friends son. He only asked to see some seeds aka our big can of cashews and a bottle (Crown Royal) and off we went. It took us max 15 minutes from the plane to outside. Not near as bad as a previous post, maybe I was lucky or maybe it has something to do with attitude. No sé.

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