Lazaro Cárdenas - Shopping Tips (?)

by midalake @, Monday, October 24, 2022, 18:44 (154 days ago) @ Pacific Princess

Hola, we have to make a trip (driving) to LC in November - have never been there. Anyone have any “must shop there” tips, recommendations for bigger stores, indoor furniture stores selling sofas etc, can’t seem to find much info regarding. Funny (or not) that we’ve never been so any positive tips from you are mucho appreciated! Been coming down to Z for 30 years…… Saludos y gracias!

The two main shopping stores are a Sams Club and a full-size Walmart. [no Home Depot]
The Sam club has a few different products than in Z and I am impressed with the grocery and household items at the Walmart.

There are large furniture stores in Lazzaro, but we have not shopped them. I am sure you will find a couple with an online search then just ask more questions when in town. Very good tile stores in Lazzaro too. Restaurants are very reasonable with good food.

We recommend and like doing some shopping there. D

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