Mexico City Airport - our adventure...

by Little Guy @, Tuesday, October 25, 2022, 12:58 (399 days ago) @ Roberto!

After reading about what is going on with aduana at ZIH, i was glad to have taken at AM connection from Vancouver a couple of weeks ago.

When I arrived at MEX i saw that long lineup, but as a permanent resident I wad through the “locals” line in just a minute or two. My little bit of “carry-on” had been taken from me at YVR and checked through to ZIH. Like you I was through the aduana process in just a couple of minutes.

Those are the “upside” points. I’m not looking forward to the aduana stories my friend will tell me when they arrive at ZIH on the Air Canada nonstop next week. But the won’t get sympathy from me after their <6-hour travel time. Mine was 30+ hours from Vancouver Island.

I hope the ZIH aduana experience is better when I return in January 2023 with my C$700 espresso machine (with receipt).

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