Scotia Bank fideicomiso

by midalake @, Thursday, October 27, 2022, 13:54 (144 days ago) @ Casa Juan

Wondering if anyone who has a trust thru Scotia Bank has received any type of reminder notice this fall to pay their yearly Trust fees? Mine are normally due in November.

The last two years Scotia has refused all of my email and phone call efforts to obtain an accounting or even an acknowledgement of my payment when I pay it in person at the branch on Benito Juarez in El Centro.

A completely dysfunctional outfit.

I do not get notified to pay. It is on my long-term Calander. Your receipt from the bank teller is your official receipt. Take extra pictures and safeguard it.

I send an email to Amarantha with a copy and state my trust has been paid. I usually get a response.

BTW>this July they would not take USD at the bank. Payments had to be made to the account in Pesos or to the wire transfer account in USD.

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