What is Las Brisas Ixtapa like now?

by SteveinDanville @, Danville, CA, Friday, October 28, 2022, 00:15 (97 days ago)

We have been over 20 times over 30+ years going back to 1989, and it was always the best. Around 4-5 years ago all of a sudden Friday-Sunday was jammed with groups, families, conventions, teens and young adults, music, drinking, disregard for quiet/adult pool quiet, trash everywhere, and just completely drove us out. Sunday-Thursday nights were fine but then it started again. Evidently a new management policy was AI, families with lots of kids, and fill the place up. We don't eat breakfast or lunch there anyway, always going out to eat, but crowds were just overwhelming.

Please tell me this policy has changed again and 60-ish couples can now come down for a couple of weeks and relax! Please tell me!

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