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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, October 28, 2022, 18:09 (150 days ago) @ Roberto!

In a recent posting about our adventures at the Mexico City Airport, for brevity I didn’t include the fact that each piece of our checked luggage carried an Apple Air Tag inside them and, in my opinion, worked extremely well.

After checking our luggage in Vancouver, we proceeded to our boarding area and I was able to watch as our bags were transferred from where we checked them in to a holding area (bag room) close to our gate. Once the airplane bound for Mexico City arrived, deplaned and the baggage loading began, I noticed my bag had been transferred from the bag room to the airplane location but my wife’s bag stayed put. Just prior to boarding, I showed the gate attendant that her bag hadn’t moved for a period of time and the boarding procedure was about to start. The attendant took a picture of my wife’s baggage receipt and texted someone. Shortly afterwards as we were boarding, I watched as her bag tag moved to the airplane. Whether that was a result of the gate attendant’s actions or a coincidence I don’t know but at least we knew our bags were on board.

Unfortunately we had to return home from Zihua sooner than we had planned, so yesterday I was able to monitor our bags on the return trip from Zihua to Vancouver via Mexico City and watch our bags transferred from where we deplaned in Terminal 1 to our boarding gate in Terminal 2.

So if anyone has experienced baggage issues when travelling, perhaps the Apple Air Tag might be worth a consideration. It was our first time using it and we were pleased with the results.

Good info! ¡Gracias, Tocayo! Sorry to have missed you and Winn. I hope everything is okay at home.

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