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November 1 is a somber day for many Mexican families as we observe Día de los Angelitos Difuntos. Lupita and I often clean the small plot and place flowers at the family gravesite at the Panteón Municipal in order to beat tomorrow's crowds, and of course we place flowers at Raulitos urn at the church.

The white flowers of the Bocote trees covered the tombs and the grounds of the Panteón Municipal today as did the petals of cempasúchitl. Like clockwork every year our hillsides all up and down the Costa Grande of Guerrero are covered with the white blooms of the Bocote trees. Always beautiful!

But as they lose their color and turn brown, so do the hillsides lose their green unless we get a late season rain, and we ain't had any. I'd been hoping Tormenta Tropical Lisa would come our way, but it looks like the prevailing winds from the northwest have set in and they blow all the storms away, so the dry season is here.

I have to say, the municipal government isn't being respectful of local traditions or families by having an extremely noisy parade through downtown on this very somber evening of November 1st, one of the saddest for many families. Never has the Catrina parade been a noisy rather Disneylandish event as it was this evening. A shame to see so much lack of respect, turning a somber time into a drunken party. Of course the tourists couldn't care less. They and the parade members ignored the pleas by my wife and daughter to be more respectful and turn down their music. Apparently the government wants to continue turning Zihuatanejo into a drunkard's paradise. A damn shame.

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