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by Padrino ⌂ @, San Diego/Rosarito, Monday, November 14, 2022, 08:42 (202 days ago) @ Altona Stu

He is trolling.

The effect is one of trolling but there may be some genuine lack of understanding and empathy. Dialogue and personal observations from different points of view might just help. Personally, with regard to this issue, I like to think of the differences between Puerto Vallarta and Zihuatanejo. In Puerto Vallarta, after some well-publicized incidents some time ago (early 2000's?), the community came together and began to welcome the homosexual community with open arms. PV is now a gay/lesbian mecca. If one is offended by homosexual culture, stay away from Gay Vallarta, the southernmost part of the Zona Romantica in Puerto Vallarta. You will not approve.

When I first visited Zihuatanejo, it was evident that open homosexuality was not part of the culture. Inquisitive as usual, I started to ask around, especially if it was evident that the local I was talking with was of the alternative sexuality. In a previous post, Jay used the word "frosty" which I think is very suitable to the situation. One gentleman said that his family and friends accepted him for who he was. However, the whole topic of sexuality was just not discussed much.

Overall, the culture of Zihuatanejo and the State of Guerrero seem far more reserved and, to use a politically loaded term, conservative. This is in stark contrast to the culture of Puerto Vallarta and the State of Jalisco which is home to Guadalajara, Mexico's second largest city and an important cultural center. One stark example is the tee-shirts that are available in PV versus Zihua. You just don't see the same level of bad taste and overt sexuality in the tee-shirts for sale in Zihua as you do in Puerto Vallarta.

Of course, if IXTZIHUA is indeed just trolling to spread disharmony, then I guess I just fed the troll and I offer my apologies. But the fact remains that Casa Roja is simply offering information to a small segment of the population that has been historically despised and maligned. There is no need for them to add "straight-friendly" as that is the default in all but a tiny sliver of locations around the globe.

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