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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, December 09, 2022, 16:54 (298 days ago) @ Ironwood

A big shout out to the hardworking professionals at the Centro Visual Ixtapa for taking care of vision problems for so many people this week. The capsulotomía I received makes me feel like I have super vision now!
Medical Services in Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa

Did you have the capsulotomía to correct side effect(s) of cataract surgery?
My cataract surgery was nothing short of miraculous.
The 'haloing' after effect is annoying.
The YAG laser procedure doesn't seem to have been effective.
This was done back in California

Yes, that was what it was for. The difference was immediately noticeable, like the day after cataract surgery when I took the bandage off. It was like having immediate super vision being able to see details that only with a magnifying glass I had been able to see.

I was extremely myopic prior to cataract surgery: coke bottle lens for distance vision but I could see germs up close. Now, I'm reversed: excellent distance vision without corrective lens, but I can't see a damned thing up close....have to wear readers dangling from a string 24/7....really irritating.
Is it the ophthamologist who detects the need for a follow-up capsulotomy, or is the process initiated by the patient complaining of cloudy vision? I find I often have to blink to clear cloudiness. I was treated for glaucoma prior to cataract surgery, so I have to see my specialist every 6 months for glaucoma follow-up in any event. If I don't raise the issue of cloudiness, would he see it anyway?
And yes, that halo effect after cataract surgery has made night driving a challenge.

Your oftalmólogo (but not your optómetro) would be able to see the film of tissue over the lens in your eye during a routine exam, and they should recommend the capsulotomía procedure. It restored my vision to what it was immediately after the cataract surgery. The lens inserted during cataract surgery should allow you to see quite well both far and relatively near, if not actually reading distance. I apparently have one lens slightly more perfect than the other. So I only really need glasses for reading small print up close. Moreso for one eye than the other.

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