Esperando Las VacaZIHonistas

by Roberto!, Friday, December 09, 2022, 20:49 (298 days ago) @ Ironwood

For what this is worth Ironwood --- I’ve been wearing glasses since shortly after the dinosaurs went extinct and after cataract surgery, I too experienced similar issues when it came to corralling my (now needed) reading glasses.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that having my reading glasses on a rope to be a real pain and interfered with simple daily tasks like driving, flying, reading or watching TV by constantly having to switch to use/not use them.

I spoke with my optometrist and it was her suggestion that I continue to wear glasses with a RX that was progressive (for reading, close up needs) and neutral to take advantage of my new eagle eyed far sighted vision.

It works great and having to remember to carry or squirreling away countless pairs of reading glasses in a variety of places is now a thing of the past.

Perhaps it might be worth some consideration.


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