El Chef Pallin - muy deliciosa comida

by Diana B @, Saturday, December 10, 2022, 12:09 (298 days ago)

There's a new restaurant in town "El Chef Pallin." Pallin is the nickname of the chef; his wife Jessi is the waiter. The food is incredibly good, at moderate prices. Closed Wednesday, but open every other day from 8-12 for breakfast & comida. Open again at 5pm for dinner. Our first time there we had dinner, and Pallin treated all 4 at our table to a special dessert - crispy mango tacos with coconut ice cream. Really tasty.

El Chef Pallin is located off of Nicolas Bravo along 'pozole alley' near the intersection of Benito Juarez (the street Scotiabank is on). If you're at Scotiabank, cross Benito Juarez and walk down Bravo towards Cinco de Mayo. In the first block, take a left turn onto pozole alley, the restaurant is on your left. 755-140-5017.

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