Review of sastreria Delfi - seamstress in Zihuatanejo Centro

by BL @, Sunday, January 15, 2023, 20:50 (319 days ago)

We took a couple of things that my daughter needed alterations for. Esbeydi said they would be ready by Wednesday, but in the afternoon. We told her the things needed to be ready at the latest by Friday because daughter was leaving.

To make a long story short, when we went on Wednesday, she was closed. Went on Thursday, closed, Friday, before going to the airport closed, after the airport, closed. Saturday when my favorite taxi driver (who knew the story, and the one who took us on Thu and Fri) went there in the morning she was finally open and said to come by 4pm. My driver called before to check if indeed everything was ready, went, paid her and brought the stuff back to us - alas my daughter will get it when I see her next in April.

Yes, quality is good. And yes, I blame myself for not getting her cell. And yes, I would not take anything to her again. Someone in a store close to her told me your best bet is to bring the stuff you need done and sit at the store to wait while she does alterations. "she works well, is very busy, and can't seem to be able to say no"

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