Travel Advisory?

by Little Guy @, Monday, January 16, 2023, 09:42 (320 days ago) @ cjlove

I don’t follow the US advisory, but I have some familiarity with the Canadian advisories. I suspect they are similar.

The Canadian advisories have been in effect for many years, even decades. During that time hundreds of thousands of foreigners have visited the Zihuatanejo area, taking home enjoyable memories.

During those years I have been to the area scores of times. This includes two drives from British Columbia to Zihuatanejo. I found the most risky times to be driving the freeways in in the Los Angeles area. Not only the drivers’ driving, but thinking how many had more than one drink in them and how many had a gun.

I suggest that people take the advice of a Canadian travel agent.

“Yes, there are unsafe and scary things that happen in Mexico. But really, they happen everywhere,” said Lori Smith, an agent based in Saskatchewan.

“I send a lot of people to Las Vegas or Orlando, Fla., and the crime rates are high in those areas as well.”

Her advice is the same no matter the destination, she said. “Have your wits about you, always … follow safety practices that you would follow at home.

Don’t be getting floor-licking drunk and go out adventuring. That’s maybe a bad choice.”

An American ex-pat in the area once told me, “The biggest problems most Americans have when they come to Mexico occur when they leave their brains at the border.”

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