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by Ironwood @, Wednesday, January 18, 2023, 13:50 (14 days ago) @ midalake

I understand the 16% IVA tax on goods but when was the IEPS 8% added to our food purchases

We were in Lazzaro at the Walmart last week and bought a fryer for someone. Oddly we were not charged any tax????

Any thoughts why? The IVA was listed below the price but not part of the total paid. Maybe cost of product was IVA included?

I recall a few restaurants in Mexico over the years that showed the total price, then added the 16% IVA on the bill. Legal, maybe, if menu prices specified that IVA was not included. I like a system where, like Mexico, prices usually include all taxes.
It's painful here in Canada where almost everything, except most groceries, shows an additional Provincial Sales Tax....typically 7%....and a Federal General Services Tax of 5%. And here in British Columbia, there's an added 10% liquor tax on both restaurant drinks and liquor store purchases.
When governments decided to let the wealthy off the tax hook, and regular income taxes were already bleeding the average stiff, there was only one other source of government income: consumption taxes - the most regressive of all.
End of rant.

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