Water testing

by hromero ⌂ @, Sunday, January 22, 2023, 12:30 (17 days ago)

I am curious if anyone knows of a local place that either sells water testing kits, particularly for bacteria, or does the testing. I have installed a water filtering system for drinking water and want to verify that it is indeed doing what it claims. I have found some test kits online starting at about 1,100 pesos. I know that I can get those kits for like $13 USD (260 pesos) in the U.S. I have asked our preferred plumber and various hardware stores and plumbing locations with no luck. They have test kits for water hardness and detection of other minerals but none seem to have testing kits for biological contaminants. I assume/hope that the local businesses who sell their water by the jug test their water for these contaminants but none of the workers where I inquired knew or were willing to divulge their source.

Humberto Romero

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