Covid vaccine question

by jaui @, Zihuatanejo, Tuesday, January 24, 2023, 17:47 (8 days ago) @ mosesk

I know that what I am about to ask is a very personal matter.
But I find myself conflicted and wonder if anyone can provide input that will move me one way or another.
I am returning to Zihua tomorrow.
I have 3 Covid shots total- all Pfizer.
The original two- interesting the second one was in Zihua.
And 1 booster- over a year ago.
I'm thinking about the latest booster.
I know there have been several new variants that have surfaced in the last year.
I am 76, consider myself in very good condition health wise.
I try to practice the obvious protocols.
I am not an adamant mask wearer- but have no issue where it seems appropriate.
I am not a 'bar fly' but I do enjoy going to clubs listening to music.
I don't avoid social circles and gatherings but am not attached to hanging out in any groups.
I spend a lot of time by myself in my fabulous condo.

Feedback? "


My "feedback" is GOOD FOR YOU :brilliant:
Do what you do in your own personal style to fit YOUR lifestyle, your schedule, whatever works out best for you.
People can comment, approve, disapprove, etc., doesn't matter.
We all have our own way of doing things and conducting our lives, y punto.

About the vaccines, I would suggest following the "Official" guidelines from the corresponding Authorities.

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