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EXCERPT from post by Vancouver Susanne

.... was wondering if Zihua offers any places to work from. The place where I stay doesn't have reliable wifi and I'm hoping to be able to work and was curious if there was a spot I could work from. - Thanks "

@Vancouver Susanne

Among others available, I use a baIT phone chip SIM card.
With that, I can " work from " anywhere aquí en Z.
I have a sturdy and lightweight folding chair & table, I take my " offfice " wherever.
No need to go to any particular place.
I got it for the same reason you noted: "where I stay doesn't have reliable WiFi."
The only caveat is to be sure your phone is compatible with it.


¿Cómo funciona bait de Bodega Aurrera?

"El nombre de BAIT no tiene ninguna ciencia:
Bodega Aurrera Internet y Telefonía.
Pero lo más interesante es su oferta comercial, ya que ofrece recargas desde 10 pesos con 250 MB para un día, o hasta internet y llamadas ilimitadas durante un mes por sólo 300 pesos."

For 300.00 pesos per month, I get pretty much unlimited Internet WHEREVER I am.
175.00 per month for the 1,050 for 6 months "plan" option.


re: "How's the service "?

Although not perfect, for the most part, the baIT Internet access works well.
Every now and then, there's a "glitch" or disruption.


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