Guest or …?

by mosesk @, Ojai, CA, USA, Friday, January 27, 2023, 11:48 (121 days ago) @ Little Guy

Good thoughts.
As I understand it being a Permanent Resident 'allows' me to stay as long as I want?
I may not understand that correctly.
But I'm trying to integrate that understanding with the 'guest' concept.
Am I a 'permanent guest' until otherwise indicated?

My understanding is, my permanent residency means that I have permission to be a guest in Mexico without having to leave by a certain date and without having to seek annual renewal of the permission.

In my country of citizenship, I have not only the right to leave, importantly I have the constitutional right to enter the country. I cannot be denied entry.

As a permanent resident of Mexico I do not have a constitutional right to enter the country. If I were to violate Mexican laws, the Mexican government might decide that I am no longer a welcome guest.

Aside from the risk of revocation of residency status, I consider it important that I behave as a considerate guest. If I were a guest in your home, I would not tell you that the way you run your household is wrong or complain that you get up too early, or that I don’t like the music you listen to. That would be inconsiderate.

If you were to invite my comments, I would be gentle in my offerings.

Similarly, I don’t involve myself in how Mexico runs itself. I might have views about those things, but I don’t express them unless invited to. Even then, I would be gentle in my offerings.

(How to be a considerate host is a whole different discussion.)

I appreciate your viewpoint and attitudes. Gives me something to think about.
I wonder how some citizens might view this?
I believe Rob is a citizen...and obviously rather outspoken in his views on many public matters.
Rob- if you are willing to make a comment on the rather undefined issue I have presented.
And any other citizens, or residents for that matter.
Let me make the obvious disclaimer.
I personally in no way seek to do anything to jeopardize my resident status in this country.
I believe I am a kind, considerate and respectful person.
But you know...as they say...s*** happens...

CHEERS everyone...enjoy the weekend...

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