Nail-biting, teeth-grinding, hair-pulling, travel adventure.

by Eric Bullard, Saturday, January 28, 2023, 13:01 (55 days ago)

It's been a while! So this weekend, all weekend, until Sunday night at midnight, (Pacific Coast time) I will be giving away FREE, digital, downloadable, Kindle copies of the SIZZLING-HOT, second edition of my number-one, best selling (amazon-kindle, June 2019) Non-Ficiton Travel-Thriller, "ZIHUATANEJO a true story of exile, love, war, and murder south of the border". To get your free copy, follow the amazon link below or go to, (U.S.A. version. If you are in another country you can change to the U.S.A. version then back to your own country) search the title, then click the orange "BUY NOW WITH ONE CLICK" FOR $0.00 BUTTON.

I'm also giving away free, digital, downloadable, kindle copies of my newest book, "THE RIVER YU a life-changing journey of spirit" this weekend and you can get a copy of this amazingly inspirational novel by following the same procedure. If you want to get a sneak peak of either of these books, you can check them out, read chapter excerpts and sample chapters on my web page at: Cheers, y nos vemos pronto, Eric

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