Truth About “Tourist Inflation”

by Little Guy @, Monday, January 30, 2023, 11:29 (125 days ago) @ hromero

And it isn’t just about taxis. Last week I saw a street vendor selling strawberries in front of BanComer. I asked the prices. The said M$40 for small and M$60 for large. I looked at him quizzically and he stated those prices again. I purchased a large.

As I finished paying a local couple came along. The vendor looked furtively at me and the Mexican couple asking me whether I wanted something else. Clearly he wanted me to leave.

I stayed and lusted to the transaction. The prices were M$35 and M$55. They bought their strawberries and left.

I asked him why it was M$60 for me and M$55 pesos for them.

He didn’t say anything. He sheepishly pulled out five pesos and gave it to me. As I walked down Calle Las Palmas I saw several shops with the same size of strawberries at M$55.

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