Truth About “Tourist Inflation”

by jbmass ⌂ @, Mass,.. N.H...Zih., Tuesday, January 31, 2023, 08:57 (124 days ago) @ Little Guy

You have the taxis at the hotel in Ixtapa and Playa Linda for instance that are more dependent on the guests of the hotels for their living than locals. I agree there are too many cabs, but the problem is they pay fees to the city for this right, not sure where it goes, more taxis more money even if the cabbie makes crap.I would never suggest that overcharging is right and would hope the majority do it the right way but they see all of us northerners come down here and live the life and it is tough not to say what the difference will it make to us to pay an extra buck. The hotels post their own rates for the taxis so add that to the confusion about the pricing.

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