Mercado Libre

by Leemr @, Friday, March 03, 2023, 20:05 (22 days ago) @ mosesk

Me too! Had a M.L. for many years. Suddenly I couldn't sign in. They needed to verify who I was, with a copy of my IFE. Don't have one. Tried my US passport number, NO. So that ended that. Bout a year later I tried again. This time a passport was an option, copy the 1st two pages. Next take a foto of yourself with your cel/PC camera so they can know that you are the same as the person in the passport. Okay."you are too far away, move closer", "fill the screen with your full face", "more illumination, it's too dark", AND ON, AND ON, AND ON, no matter how many attemps I made. SOoooo, I cancelled my Mercado Pago and Mercado Libre. If I want to buy from them, I ask a friend to order on his account. He's Mx. and NEVER had to fill out such B.S. and he has had his acc't. for many years, and uses it.

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